Home Security and Defense 3-DVD Set


Item: K5062Q


3-DVD Set: Home Security and Defense

193 minutes.

Home Security Systems/Home Defense Techniques – 51 minutes

This video will teach you the ins and outs on home security systems. You will be taught simple techniques such as where to best keep a control panel, where to install interior sensors, and even what rooms are the safest. This video will help you best understand how a residential security alarm system can keep you and your family safer.

Firearm Storage & Access – 68 minutes

Learn to properly and safely store your firearms while also allowing for quick access.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design – 74 minutes

Crime Prevention Through Environment Design (CPTED) is the process of utilizing opportunities with lighting, fencing, landscaping and even building and property maintenance to make your family, your home, your business and your community safer. Rob Pincus shares the fundamental concepts of CPTED and tips for implementing them around your property. Complete with specific suggestions, demonstrations and hypothetical examples, this information can help you avoid the need for personal defense by increasing your overall security.