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Video Download: Personal Safety in the Home

As one of the Empowered Citizen DVDs from Personal Defense Network, Personal Safety in the Home combines carefully documented examples of actual criminal events followed by expert insight, demonstrations and advice for you to apply to your daily life. The events are real, and the lessons they offer will help you plan to be safe.

You’ll examine the Dartmouth University Murders, in which two unsuspecting university professors are brutally killed by a pair of high schoolers who pose as innocent students working on a school project to gain access to the professors’ home. The second is Home Alone, involving a young man who finds himself alone at home during a burglary by an armed intruder. The home’s remote rural location and the intruder’s aggressive approach leaves the lone inhabitant no choice but to address the threat on his own.

Each case provides carefully documented portrayals of the actual crimes, using archive video footage, 911 audio, detailed recreations, eyewitness accounts and expert interviews, as well as practical analysis from PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus. You will clearly see how criminals choose their victims by choosing those they perceive to be ‘easy’ targets. Along the way you can assess how prepared you and your family may be if faced by criminal activity. And you can use what you learn to sharpen your awareness, trust your instincts, and better prepare yourself to deny criminals from bringing harm to you or others at home and throughout your daily life.

Covered over 52 minutes, here are the DVD Chapters:

  • Dartmouth University Murders (Actual Event)
  • Incident Analysis: Dartmouth University Murders
  • Planning for Unknown Visitors
  • Home Alone (Actual Event)
  • Incident Analysis: Home Alone
  • BONUS: Non-Firearms Defense in the Home