Prepare & Defend 7-DVD Set + FREE Flashlight

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Bundle: Prepare & Defend 7-DVD Set + FREE Tactical Flashlight

Prepare & Defend 7-DVD Set

Prepare for many situations and defend yourself with more confidence! Within this significant selection of 7 DVDs, Rob Pincus will teach you about a variety of personal defense techniques and tactics, from shooting in realistic environments to scenario training and more. With over 7 hours of content you’ll learn to effectively prepare and defend yourself for a variety of dynamic critical incidents.

Lessons from the Street – 57 minutes

Rangemaster’s Tom Givens, a leader in the firearms training industry, has meticulously collected data on real-life defensive shootings for over a decade and shares the highlights and lessons learned from these incidents. Tom reviews several cases and then summarizes the facts to help you understand how to train realistically and recognize the reality of typical defensive shootings.

Shooting in Realistic Environments – 65 minutes

Rob breaks down the principles of realistic training, giving you a solid foundation from which to apply Combat Focus Shooting techniques. You’ll see real life scenarios in which you may need to defend yourself with a firearm, and you’ll learn how to train for these scenarios accordingly. Understanding the fundamentals of defending yourself with a firearm and training realistically is crucial to becoming a prepared and confident gun owner. In addition, you’ll learn the importance of lateral movement, the balance of speed and precision and reloading during a critical incident. Reloading is an important and major part of realistic training and learning how to do so during a critical incident could potentially save your life or the lives of those around you. You’ll also learn about different drills to practice your realistic shooting and witness some dynamic shooting sessions to help your understanding of the drills.

Active Shooter Response – 56 minutes

Rob Pincus discusses the most appropriate responses for the average person caught in an Active Shooter Situation in a public environment. Unfortunately, the modern phenomenon of the spree killer acting in areas where they perceive a high concentration of victims is something that everyone who carries a firearms in public (or keeps one for defensive purposes in their workplace or vehicle) needs to think about. Rob provides and overview of potential responses and discusses the most responsible tactical options.

Home Security Systems/Home Defense Techniques – 51 minutes

This video will teach you the ins and outs on home security systems. You will be taught simple techniques such as where to best keep a control panel, where to install interior sensors, and even what rooms are the safest. This video will help you best understand how a residential security alarm system can keep you and your family safer.

Shooting in Defense of Others – 69 minutes

Often, people are compelled to act in defense of others with their concealed carry firearm without ever having trained for that moment or carefully considered the tactics and ramifications of their actions. Rob Pincus covers this important topic in great detail by discussing typical scenarios and specific training drills.

Firearm Storage and Access – 68 minutes

Learn to properly and safely store your firearms while also allowing for quick access.

Disaster Preparation – 70 minutes

Rob Pincus teaches you how to prepare for a variety of potential disasters that could happen to you, your family or your community, including inclement weather and geological and social disasters. You’ll learn how to provide medical support, prepare for and undergo evacuation and, of course, defend yourself.

FREE Tactical Style LED Flashlight ($35 Value)

The UZI-TFL3W 200-Lumen Tactical LED Light is constructed of aircraft aluminum and includes batteries and a holster. 3-Watt Cree LED bulb for 200-lumens. This light offers adjustable light levels, is both water and shock resistant and comes in a designer metal case. UZI combines advanced technical concepts with innovative designs to produce products used and trusted by the Army, Secret Service and Special Forces. Since its launch in the 1950s, UZI has become one of the world’s most famous firearm brands and a 20th century icon.

Features and Specifications:

  • Constructed of aircraft aluminum and includes batteries and a holster
  • Comes in black
  • Water and shock resistant
  • Offers adjustable light levels
  • Used and trusted by the Army, Secret Service and Special Forces
  • Item Weight (Oz): 4.00
  • Item Dimensions, Length (In): 5.25