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Book: Lessons From Unarmed America

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In Lessons from Armed America, Mark Walters teamed up with Kathy Jackson to bring you stories of people who were forced to use their firearm in self-defense. Unfortunately, we can’t always be armed, so a second book had to be written. In Lessons from Unarmed America, Mark Walters is joined by international personal defense trainer, Rob Pincus in this self defense book.

Sometimes we are legally disarmed by our government. Many of us are forced to leave our gun locked in the car as a requirement of our employment. No matter what the reason, facing an armed lunatic bent on doing you harm is no small task, especially when the attacker is armed and you are not. In this book you’ll learn what to do when faced with a deadly force encounter when your firearm just isn’t there.

Mark Walters tells the true stories of real-life, unarmed people who were attacked. Rob Pincus follows up with the mindset and tactics necessary to keep you alive. 190 pages.

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