Safer, Faster Knife Defense Class DVD




Class DVD: Safer, Faster Knife Defense

This video class delivers over 3 hours of critical instruction, including training demonstrations and expert insight for anyone seeking to acquire the mental confidence and physical skills to use a knife for their own protection.

Whether used as a primary defensive tool or secondary “force multiplier,” knives offer unique advantages over other defensive tools, making this one-of-a-kind training well worth the commitment.

With this training, you’ll increase your mental preparedness and physical techniques in the handling of a knife in any defensive situation. Specific topics you’ll learn include:

• Gear selection and knife grips
• Various knife carry methods
• Stance, the draw, and non-violent posture
• Tactical anatomy
• Defensive knife tactics and hand-to-hand skills
• Mindset and fear management

PLUS, you’ll get BONUS resources and helpful information to supplement the class content.

Video run-time: 3 Hours

PLEASE NOTE: The content in this Class DVD is identical to the content available in streaming video form, which you can purchase/review separately in the PDN store here.

Watch a preview of this DVD below:

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