Subcompact Firearms DVD




DVD: Subcompact Firarms

Rob Pincus takes an in-depth look at the special considerations you need to know when you choose a subcompact semiautomatic handgun for personal defense. Choosing to carry a small firearm, because of convenience or necessity, comes with the responsibility of understanding the compromises involved and the proper techniques in carrying, presenting, shooting and manipulating them. 88 minutes.


  • Types of Subcompact Pistols
  • Walther
  • Tip Up Barrels
  • Double Action Only
  • Pocket Holsters
  • Belly Band
  • Back Pocket Carry
  • Additional Carry Options
  • Presentation of Subcompact Firearm
  • Figure 8 Drill
  • Staging
  • Balanc of Speed & Precision
  • Practicing Reloads
  • BONUS: Rear Laser Sight

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