Vehicle Defense Considerations DVD


Item: K5143R


DVD: Vehicle Defense Considerations

US Training Center Driving Instructor Buddy Basnett joins Rob Pincus to discuss fundamental considerations for setting up and controlling your vehicle for maximum efficiency should you need to drive yourself or your family out of a dynamic critical incident. He teaches you about controlling your vehicle during quick maneuvers, driving in reverse at high speed and other fundamental defensive driving considerations. Rob then heads to the ranges at the US Training Center to show you what actually happens when you try to shoot through vehicle windows or use your car as cover! 79 minutes.


  • Awareness and Preparation
  • Driving Position and Vehicle Set Up
  • Driving In Reverse
  • Driving In Reverse to Escape an Incident
  • Driving Recap
  • Carrying While In a Vehicle
  • In Vehicle Firearms Storage
  • Drawing and Shooting While Inside a Vehicle
  • Shooting Through Automotive Glass
  • Using a Vehicle as Cover
  • BONUS: Taking Control of a Vehicle