Rob Pincus

Appropriate Open Carry of a Defensive Firearm

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   6  mins

In almost all circumstances, people are better off carrying defensive firearms in a concealed manner. Carrying a firearm in order to create confrontation or make a political statement is something very different from carrying for personal defense. Carrying a defensive firearm openly can make you a target and/or draw unnecessary attention. While there are times when you must open carry your firearm, choosing to do so when concealment is an option is usually a bad idea.

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59 Responses to “Appropriate Open Carry of a Defensive Firearm”

  1. Angus

    I have carried a gun virtually every day since 1984. There are only two times that I carried a gun openly, as a uniformed officer on duty. If I was off duty, I carried concealed. Now as a retired officer, I only carry openly when I am on my own rural ranch property. All of my holsters have retention devices.

  2. Rob A

    Thanks for a honest, intelligent, valuable video. Of late, a vocal minority in the 2nd Am community have made us all look like a bunch of racist morons and fake tough guys. As this video said, the purpose of carry is protection when needed, not to lecture anyone on what we believe. In the end, being responsible serves all of us.

  3. Benny Lara

    Wow... People like this is exactly why our rights are under constant attack. The founders believed that only cowards and criminals would carry concealed weapons and a video like this make me think they were right.

  4. Will

    I agree with the reasons for not carrying openly, for many of the reasons mentioned. However, if it is a legal right, then you are not wrong for exercising that right. Nor is it "ridiculous" to do so. Rather than argue from the standpoint that it is "reckless" to exercise this right, it would be less divisive or condescending and more productive to simply point out the reasons for not doing so, as was done at the beginning of the video, instead of preaching against fellow gun owners exercising their legal rights. Nor does California need a "reason" to take a gun owners' rights away. See Proposition 63 which made legal gun owners into criminals for owning formerly legal firearms.

  5. Wayne

    I agree entirely. Right on Rob!!!!!!

  6. Anthony Macaluso

    I have open carried in Louisiana for many years without incident. I find it more convenient and comfortable than concealed carrying. If you supposedly have the right but never or seldom utilize it, then it is of very limited value.

  7. KEVIN

    I agree about CCW BUT I can't come up with the $156+FEE for prints and wait 6+ mo I had a nylon gun belt and bought on Ebay a "Gould & Goodrich" triple retention holster for $10. I agree about retention I have seen a guy 300+ lbs and having sweats that were to big had a ruger single six in a clip on holster and walking behind him(had to go that way)every 5 secs he had to pull up his pants. Another had a colt single action in a open top holster you could go up behind either one and grab gun and run, I was tempted to ask if they ever thought of that but both looked like thay were looking for a fight with someone. During the 2016 election a bunch of us were holding up big 6' X 4' vote trump signs first time I had a side arm. second time we had stuff thrown at us(Batteries,sockets, rocks cursing and threats) next time side arm no trouble at in Southern Colorado it's pretty common except in the Denver area because of the influx of Californicates who have passed the STUPID extended mag ban and 62 of 64 sheriffs said they will not uphold the law.The governor's aid told him he promised his friends he would get the gov to pass the law so he did.

  8. Art Hilgy

    I live in MI and can legally carry open. I don’t. I don’t like attracting attention of any kind. I’ve watched people that do CO and watch the reaction of people. Most don’t notice but the ones that do stare and sometimes point and on one occasion had to have a “discussion” with the individual. Not what I need. I would like to OC when it’s hot and humid but chose to be comforted not comfortable. There is a new polo shirt that would help tremendously just need money.

  9. FS

    I intentionally open carry when I am camping/backpacking/hiking. As a woman - I am not making a political statement, I am letting any random stranger in the woods that I might come across know that I will not be an easy victim so they should look elsewhere.

  10. simon151

    Here is the elephant in the room; just because concealed carry is "legal" in some states does not mean that it comes without requiring you giving up some of your rights (the right to privacy). If the second amendment is correct, then Constitutional Carry is what we all should have and the dollar cost and loss of privacy to obtain and maintain a CCW is not necessary. Most people that I know that open carry do not for the purpose of showing off, but to retain their rights that a CCW would violate. So I would say, not so black and white as [my hero] Rob makes it in this video clip. Additionally, I see no issue with a guy walking into a coffee shop with an AR safely slung across his back. However, walking in with an AR on a single point sling and your hand on the grip…. Definitely seems a bit more menacing and inappropriate.

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