Avoiding the Fight

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Avoiding a fight is part of your responsibility as a gun owner. Personal defense is not about your gun or looking for a fight—it’s about being prepared to respond in a planned and efficient way. As gun owners, if we can choose to avoid the need to defend ourselves, we should do it. In this video, Rob Pincus discusses why avoiding harmful or fatal encounters is the responsibility of a gun owner. He covers techniques including de-escalation, alternative tactics, and simply removing yourself and others from the area to find safety. This video presentation was recorded at the 144th NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits in Nashville, Tennessee, on April 11th, 2015.


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4 Responses to “Avoiding the Fight”

  1. Crow

    Some of you miss the point. I am former law enforcement and carry concealed regularly. In my opinion when you take up arms under the 2nd Amendment you should choose to give up part of the 1st Amendment. You should not instigate any argument and should deescalate or leave before something becomes violent. If you are involved in a verbal altercation leave. If that hurts your feels you should not carry a firearm. Gun owners hoping to use their usually poor outcomes. Also, when someone illegally enters your residence, you may have the legal right to shoot them, however, what if it is your drunk neighbor who opened your unlocked door thinking it was his home or the man with dementia who lived in your hose years ago and is lost? Can you shoot them? Maybe. Maybe not. How would you feel if you did? Would your actions stand up in court with a jury of you peers (who may be anti gun)? There is no black and white in owning or carrying a weapon and there is a lot of grey. Just like the first class of any martial arts, with ability comes responsibility! My advice to all gun owners: Train often, always have an escape route, learn that it takes a big man too back down, and be a good human. If you do all of that you will never have an issue.

  2. dafarber

    If someone comes into my home uninvited, I have the right in my state to assume they are there to harm me or my family. If I am able to retreat to or I am in my bedroom and they approach my or my family I will stop the threat with lethal force if I have the means.
    I agree that we should try to avoid or deescalate if possible but we also have very little time to react and we may have to make the decision to stop the threat in a matter of seconds.

  3. Mark

    Example your daughter owns AR-15 she scarfed with her mowing job two years ago. Sarah the Bully has decreed your daughter and her prom date will be savagely attacked if they show up at Senior Prom. Your daughter treats her date to a movie, a pet store visit, and followed by takeout and video games at your home instead. Result: conflict avoided, fun achieved. See/\? not so hard , is it?

    • artsbrew

      of course avoid when possible this is a deadly situation and it could be you. i believe you sir are probably anti gun. why because you start with the ar 15. which she would not take to the prom anyway. it seems you want to stress that you do not need an ar. so, i have successfully defended myself many times with my body no gun. in fact at some of those times it was my job to do so. you cannot simple retreat, it is your job. i have no ego problems, when not working i have tried to talk myself out of fights, but some people seem to think that is a sign of weakness, it emboldens them and they have to keep pushing until they attack. it is a bully mentality. i have step up to help someone one a friend that was being picked on by a group of people, and tried to stop them through conversation. both times i ended up with a concussion and the crap kicked out of me. my friend took off. those are the only 2 times i have lost a fight since high school. i know my ability to protect myself and have done so without anything but a but 3 months karate training right after high school. this was done from people that have extensive training. just lucky i guess. i got my conceal license before shall issue in i think it was 1990 or close to it and have never needed to use it yet and do not go around planing to use it. it is not me.

      i live on a bad street one of the worst in the city and have a business on same street. i got my permit because the first big gang, i won’t advertise for them threatened to kill me. nation wide gang. since that time i have had over 6 big gangs do the same. 25 years ago i had my rotty poisoned by one. 2 years ago i had my 2 rotties poisoned by a gang of coke dealers that threatened to kill me. it is not hard to kill someone coming and going if you want to no matter how much training you have. this gang moves 4 to 10 lbs a week through the street. i get no help from the police in this city. in fact the opposite is true. there have been 2 people killed well only one the other was dropped off from the club house where they killed him. that gang did not threaten me though. they did ask me to help them unload a harley that they said had broke down, looked like it had been dismantled to me and then wanted to use me as a witness at the trial which i did not and he went to prison for the death. he lived across from me, in fact the same rental that right now has the main suppliers on the street who threatened to kill me, same address. i know all about danger i have lived in orange since 1990. i do not have a cell phone, you see some of us are poor and do not have a lot of money, it would be nice and i have had more but not less then i do right now. the whole street has been infiltrated by these brothers distribution ring. i guess it makes it easy.

      some of us cannot stay out of bad neighborhoods we are forced to live in them. my fence cannot be climb as a defense. the only way out is through the front door, 1 year ago i got another dog, a mutt, that has been abuse before i got her and is way past the flight stage and will not befriend anyone not even people i have tried to have her make friends with. at this time in my life she is a good thing and i love her very much. my ears are going and she is my ears and a great sight dog. another part of my protection. you see you build layers upon layers of protection you do not count on 1 or 2. i hope she is not poisoned, what are you going to do??? i walk when i get the chance not lately though i walk and always toward traffic so i can see what is approaching and have since 90. i watch or try everything around me with no distractions. this is just grade school stuff. i do not want to kill anyone but i sure do not want to be killed either. my walks are through a bad part of town i do not have the time or energy or money to travel to a nice place to do such things. some of us are the reason there is a right to protect our self. in fact that right means even more to the poor, women, small in stature, minorities, it is an equalizer and the democraps want to take it away. i am not a party man, both want to take my freedoms and have for many years. in fact i am for freedom the right to make a decision and live with my mistakes. with freedom comes tolerance and that is what we are missing or seem to in this country.

      i have no immediate family just my dog. i am old and my extended family is getting smaller all the time. i have had cancer and open heart. the radiation has made it so if i break my jaw it won’t heal. i know pain and the danger of getting in a fight under my circumstances. yet i will not be bullied, as my dad said it does not matter if you win or lose, if you hurt them they will never bother you again, how true. i am not as big as i use to be and out of high school 5′ 10″ and 145 lbs. but i did put on a lot of muscle back then. it stop the bullies they do not want or dare to pick on someone that they are not sure they can beat. not what i use to be now though. i was small but strong and mean. never give up never.

      there is no fast response time in my neighborhood, and some times do not even respond. i do not expect the police to protect me they have no responsibility to do so, there is only one person with that job. i do not go looking for trouble, but would have a hard time allowing someone to hurt someone else that i do not even know. you think with my past experience i would not put myself in harms way. i guess i will never learn. i do not have a family to worry about as most do. for those folks i understand not putting your self in a position of great danger when you can flee. i could not stand by or flee and active shooter even though i know i could be shoot even by responding police. i would have to try and stop the carnage. i would not try and clear my house if i came home and noticed it had been broken in to. that would be stupid. i would not run out my back door and trap myself if someone was breaking in i would have the best chance of stopping them at the front door. small house. like i said you have many layers of protection not one and if someone was breaking in i would have my pistol and my sks, ak, ar or shotgun maybe all to initiate the confrontation depending on the time frame. there is never one answer and i wish i could run away to fight another day but under some circumstances i will not or cannot. i have put bullies in their place all my life and now would not try to even get in a fight but i am to old to run my knees would not take it. you have to make the best of any situation you can. self protection is not a game, it is life or death. everyone has different parameters they have to decide what is best for them. there is no blanket way to do things. i will not bug out but bug in. safest answer for me. when everyone is leaving town maybe it is safest at home with more tools.

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