Rob Pincus

Avoiding the Fight

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   2  mins

Avoiding a fight is part of your responsibility as a gun owner. Personal defense is not about your gun or looking for a fight—it’s about being prepared to respond in a planned and efficient way. As gun owners, if we can choose to avoid the need to defend ourselves, we should do it. In this video, Rob Pincus discusses why avoiding harmful or fatal encounters is the responsibility of a gun owner. He covers techniques including de-escalation, alternative tactics, and simply removing yourself and others from the area to find safety. This video presentation was recorded at the 144th NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits in Nashville, Tennessee, on April 11th, 2015.


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3 Responses to “Avoiding the Fight”

  1. Crow

    Some of you miss the point. I am former law enforcement and carry concealed regularly. In my opinion when you take up arms under the 2nd Amendment you should choose to give up part of the 1st Amendment. You should not instigate any argument and should deescalate or leave before something becomes violent. If you are involved in a verbal altercation leave. If that hurts your feels you should not carry a firearm. Gun owners hoping to use their usually poor outcomes. Also, when someone illegally enters your residence, you may have the legal right to shoot them, however, what if it is your drunk neighbor who opened your unlocked door thinking it was his home or the man with dementia who lived in your hose years ago and is lost? Can you shoot them? Maybe. Maybe not. How would you feel if you did? Would your actions stand up in court with a jury of you peers (who may be anti gun)? There is no black and white in owning or carrying a weapon and there is a lot of grey. Just like the first class of any martial arts, with ability comes responsibility! My advice to all gun owners: Train often, always have an escape route, learn that it takes a big man too back down, and be a good human. If you do all of that you will never have an issue.

  2. dafarber

    If someone comes into my home uninvited, I have the right in my state to assume they are there to harm me or my family. If I am able to retreat to or I am in my bedroom and they approach my or my family I will stop the threat with lethal force if I have the means. I agree that we should try to avoid or deescalate if possible but we also have very little time to react and we may have to make the decision to stop the threat in a matter of seconds.

  3. Mark

    Example your daughter owns AR-15 she scarfed with her mowing job two years ago. Sarah the Bully has decreed your daughter and her prom date will be savagely attacked if they show up at Senior Prom. Your daughter treats her date to a movie, a pet store visit, and followed by takeout and video games at your home instead. Result: conflict avoided, fun achieved. See/\? not so hard , is it?

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