Rob Pincus

Balance Point

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   2  mins

Netizens often watch videos featuring PDN’s Rob Pincus and comment that he is standing in the wrong position to shoot. Rob has long advocated a natural athletic stance as being the one our body will naturally go into when startled, i.e., at the onset of a defensive shooting event, so that is the stance we should train and practice in.

Team Springfield’s Rob Leatham believes the optimal shooting stance is one in which the body is in the best position to fight recoil rather than making recoil worse. Move forward against the recoil of the gun, keeping your balance forward instead of back. This also helps you shoot more quickly.

Both Robs agree: if you want to shoot accurately and quickly, balance your body so it has some forward momentum. The balance point is all about getting behind the gun and running it for reliability, consistency, and recoil management.

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