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Blackhawk-Adjustable Magazine Holster

Rob Pincus
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Blackhawk is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of tactical gear, including duty holsters, holsters for recreational and competition shooters, pouches, bags, slings, straps, and more. PDN is committed to showing members the best self-defense tools and accessories, so we take a look at one of the best new products from Blackhawk, the Quick-Mod Magazine Pouch.

This particular Blackhawk mag pouch is designed to carry a magazine outside the waistband, either at the range or during competitions, especially competitions of a defensive nature like IDPA. It’s also perfect for anyone looking for a good adjustable pouch for duty gear, to hold pistol or AR magazines. The Blackhawk mag pouch shown in the video is for double-stack pistol magazines.

How It Works

First, use a screwdriver to adjust the pouch for the width of your belt. Then the Blackhawk mag pouch can be adjusted to different angles depending on your personal preference. For competition, if carrying the mag pouch near centerline, it can be canted backwards. Rounds can be pointed away from centerline if carrying defensively or angled toward centerline. Whatever pattern of movement you are accustomed to that gets you to the magazine quickly and efficiently, the Blackhawk mag pouch will accommodate. It can also be pushed all the way to horizontal.

Retention Spring for Security

A retention spring inside the pouch creates friction so the magazine will not fall out of the pouch even if you the pouch is turned upside down. You might not want to carry it upside down, but if you go upside down during a defensive encounter, you don’t have to worry about the loaded magazine falling out.

The Blackhawk Quick-Mod Magazine Pouch is a versatile piece of self-defense gear that holds virtually any double-stack pistol magazines, as well as AR magazines, because you can adjust the size.

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