Blackhawk Inside-Vehicle Medical Kit

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The new Quick-Access Medical Bag was designed by Blackhawk Products Group specifically to be used inside a vehicle. It’s a great way to carry the emergency gear you may need in a worst-case scenario.

If you carry a firearm for personal defense or are just interested in personal security and safety in general, you should consider having a good medical kit handy. Knowing how to use the contents of that medical kit is of course important, but being able to access those contents quickly and consistently is a big part of being able to respond, especially if you’re trying to help someone else.

Kit Contents

Rob Pincus has the medical bag set up for gunshot response and is using it as his primary range bag. But it’s really designed to sit on the headrest of a car seat and to be removed quickly from its Velcro carrier. Grab the red handle, pull it and go. The kit contains everything needed for immediate response to a gunshot wound: tourniquet, pressure dressing, hemostatic agent, chest seals, and Benchmade safety cutters so the wound can be exposed if someone is shot in the arm or leg.

PDN videos on self-defense products demonstrate how to use this specific medical gear.

Other Uses

These items can be used to treat injuries other than gunshot wounds, including puncture wounds and injuries resulting from a car accident. Having medical gear available conveniently and consistently is a big part of being responsible for your own safety and being prepared to help others.

Blackhawk Products Group has another great product in this medical kit. It will help us render aid when we’re in our vehicle or close to it.

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