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Clinger Gear Holster

Rob Pincus
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The Clinger Gear Holster is a versatile ambidextrous Kydex holster. Its name comes from its large plastic clip, which has teeth that look like gears coming together on the clip itself. The Gear Holster is Clinger’s upgrade of their earlier Stingray Holster.


As set up, the Clinger Gear Holster has a very aggressive cant that would be appropriate for carry at the 4 or 5 o’clock position. However, it’s quick and easy to make an adjustment using a screwdriver and turn the gears of the teeth, then close it back down and it’s a straight-drop, a pure vertical holster.

This is good for centerline/appendix carry, which Rob Pincus prefers for concealed carry. The Gear Holster looks good, or should we say looks invisible, at centerline when wearing an untucked t-shirt.


Another feature of the Clinger Gear Holster that’s handy when using gun holsters is that the gear attachment can be removed and a different clip attached, a deep concealment clip. Both clips are adjustable not only for cant, but also for ride height, so the holster and gun can go down deeper for better concealment or be up higher for an easier grip on the gun. And as previously mentioned, it’s ambidextrous like all Clinger holsters.

Rob really likes the Gear Holster for the appendix position, though it can be worn behind the hip as well.


From Clinger’s site:

– 12 Adjustment Options, including Appendix Carry, Behind-the-Hip, Cross Draw, Standard Ride Height, High Ride Height, Right Hand, and Left Hand
– Easy To Use
– Adjustable Appendix Carry (Cant adjustment)
– Ambidextrous Versatility
– Full Sweat Shield
– Adjustable Retention
– Covered Mag Release

The Clinger Gear Holster has a two-week trial period, during which you can return it if you don’t love it. And if the holster ever fails you, Clinger will repair or replace it free of charge.

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