Close Quarters Defense & Entanglement

Craig Douglas
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Duration:   13:54   mins

In this extended video, Craig Douglas of Shivworks presents four close quarter defense tactics for surviving an assault that begins with physical blows by an attacker. This often leads to an entanglement of limbs of the defender and attacker, during which the attacker may produce a knife or gun. Here are some strategies for getting out alive.

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13 Responses to “Close Quarters Defense & Entanglement”

  1. Gordon

    I know this might be easier said than done but I think I could get out of the arm and wrist grab pretty fast and easy and get at least one arm free.

  2. Kevin

    Hi, not to disparage your teachings, in the beginning of the video there was a point your right leg was in between Robs legs why not while doing this grappling bring your right knee into his crotch several times. In another part your head was in the crook of robs neck, why not deliver a forehead strike to his TMJ. In the last you were showing how to get to his back while your moving around deliver some hammer strikes to his left kidney. In the words of famous WWE manager Bobby “The Brain” Heenan “Win if you can, Lose if you must BUT always cheat”

  3. Art

    great video!!!i will have to watch this many times to absorb all the info. never was into wrestling so this is new to me and of great help. it is all about how many tools you have in your tool box. you just never know what tool you will need until you find out what you are fixing. great video. i love new tools. great video!!!!!

  4. DS

    Forgot to add: outstanding videos!!! Mr. Craig Douglas has some of the best material out there that can actually be used by people. Sure hitting the A-zone in 1.5sec from a holster is good fun but… this is outstanding life saving info. He has written some of the best articles with such clear concrete insights and of course the great vids. Definitely at the top of “must train with” list.

  5. Reede

    I’d think that if you were in a life & death situation like a C Q knife/gun fight & you found your self needing to escape a grappling contest like the video , a hard knee to the crotch would be the best & most effective .

    • Charlie Crist

      Exact same thing I was thinking, either a knee to the groin, palm strike to the groin, groin grab, elbow upper cut, or palm upper cut. Trying to grab or lock body parts seems a bit silly with limbs flying everywhere. in the real world you won’t be wrestling but fighting.

      • DS

        Nothing “silly” about knowing how to handle the clinch. IDEALLY the bad guy would be 30ft away and you’d be prone in a bunker with an AR. Ideally no one would come within 10ft of you but… welcome to the real world.
        Also you should always assume (once an assault has been initiated) that he is ARMED.
        The point of the DRILLS he’s showing is NOT to encourage you to get in the clinch… SouthNarc (Mr. Douglas) is teaching us how to deal with it. He’s teaching from experience (many bad ones) as well. With the “knee to groin” you’re sacrificing sure footing (your one leg to BG’s 2). Sure it will hurt him (MAYBE)… but did you not get anything else from the vid? If you break contact THE WRONG WAY the BG can: 1) counter very easily or 2) access his own weapon. That’s why he emphasizes limb control to put YOU in a superior position before “breaking contact” or getting the space you need to use your gun/own blade.

  6. Chad

    Craig is the best there is in the 0 – 10 foot defense. His multidisciplinary approach is second to none. 3 days in his Extreme Close Quarters Concepts class will change your entire outlook on self defense. Thanks to Rob for sharing this video.

  7. Chad

    Craig is the best there is in the 0-10 foot extreme close quarters concepts defense. The multidisciplinary approach he uses is second to none. I’m glad Rob was able to train with him and share it with us.

  8. Joseph

    I have been spending time at another site learning hand combat skills with my wife and appreciate PDN coming out with this good video for close quarters. I got to agree with the others it is well done.

  9. Gary


    I’d like to see more content like this!!!

    Please keep up the good work!

  10. Randy

    Can’t ask for better, more practical and useful content than this! Keep it coming PDN, Craig and Rob!!!

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