Rob Pincus

CMMG - 2017 Tour Sponsor

Rob Pincus
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It’s great to have CMMG back on the PDN Training Tour for their third year as a sponsor and providing demo rifles for Rob to use during training tour courses. The CMMG rifles Rob brings to class are often pressed into service when a student’s rifle goes down, and have proven durable and reliable during high-round-count classes.

Rob started using complete CMMG rifles a few years ago, and they’ve held up well. He hasn’t had any updates to the demo guns since CMMG first joined the tour in 2015, and two of the guns he’s owned since even before then. These rifles get a lot of use and abuse from Rob and from students who use them if the rifle they bring proves inadequate to the demands of the class. We’re glad to have CMMG on the PDN Training Tour with us again!

CMMG Offerings

For those not familiar with CMMG’s line, they offer just about everything you could want when it comes to the AR-15 configuration. They have an AR pistol, competition guns, guns built for a higher level of precision, and their reliable Mk4 configuration that’s great for home defense, training, as a patrol rifle for law enforcement, or for armed professionals in a security environment.

CMMG also offers great parts kits and parts upgrades in case you want to add certain CMMG parts to your current rifle or if you want to customize or upgrade your existing CMMG rifle. You can also build your own rifle using CMMG’s upper and lower parts kits.

Beyond ARs

CMMG now offers a great .308, the Mk3, that Rob has out on the tour this year, and the Mutant for those who like the 7.62x39mm cartridge and know how to run an AK but prefer the ergonomics of the AR.

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