Rob Pincus

Comparing the Springfield XD Mod.2 and XD(M)

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   3  mins

Rob Pincus is often asked what the difference is between two Springfield Armory pistols: the standard model, the Springfield XD Mod.2, and the Springfield XD(M), and which is the best choice for personal defense.

This video features close-up camera work that lets you examine the physical features of these two pistols to help decide which is best for personal defense, as well as firearms training.


Rob has two Springfield XD series pistols that have very similar features and sizes: the Springfield XD(M) 3.8-inch model and Springfield XD Mod.2 4-inch model. The main difference most people find when they pick them up is the way the grip feels. The XD(M) models are wider and fill the hand more. If you have small hands, you may not like the feel of the XD(M) as much.

The contours of the XD Mod.2 are more aggressive and appealing to a smaller hand, though a large hand fits the Mod.2 very well also.


Another significant difference is the Springfield XD(M) 3.8-inch model has a shorter grip than the Springfield XD Mod.2 4-inch model. This makes it easier to conceal when wearing inside the waistband. It prints less than the XD Mod.2, because the length of grip is one of the hardest parts of a handgun to conceal.


Another advantage of the Springfield XD(M) is that it takes not only a compact magazine but also a full-size, which offers a big increase in rounds on board: 20 rounds total. The Springfield XD Mod.2 with its full-size magazine has 17 rounds total.


No surprise, they both shoot great. For handgun training, Rob prefers the feel of the XD Mod.2.

Magazine capacity and grip: These are the choices to make when looking at these two Springfield carry guns.

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2 Responses to “Comparing the Springfield XD Mod.2 and XD(M)”

  1. Tino

    Wouldn’t it have been a closer comparison to the XDM 3.8 full size then to the compact? Perhaps the Mod2 is a compact so it was compared against the XDM Compact?

  2. John Beatty

    Rob- 71 year old Marine, but have shot very little lately. Thinking about a Chiappa Rhino. Like the idea of a revolver after firing the semi auto's the last several years. Could you give me a short view of your opinion please?

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