Rob Pincus

Complete Emergency Medical Kit

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   14  mins

Rob Pincus is often asked what should be in an emergency medical kit for the range, the home, or going about daily life. In this extended video, he offers some answers for people who understand that personal defense means more than stopping the bad guy. It also means taking care of yourself and those you care about who have been injured. That’s where an emergency medical kit comes in.

You may choose to carry an emergency medical kit on your ankle as part of your everyday carry, or have a larger kit in your house as part of your home-defense plans, or both. A kit stored in your vehicle is a good idea too.

Stocked Kits vs. Unstocked Kits

Some emergency medical kits come stocked with all the items the manufacturer has determined you need. Other kits come empty and you decide what to put in them. An unstocked emergency medical kit means you put in it only items you know how to use. For example, a few different types of tourniquets are on the market, and they work in different ways. If a prestocked kit comes with a tourniquet that you don’t know how to administer to a bleeding victim, it’s useless and maybe even dangerous.

You should know how to employ every piece of gear in your emergency medical kit, which is why buying an unstocked kit and adding to it yourself is a good idea. However, an option that makes sense for someone who doesn’t know how to use any medical gear is to buy a fully stocked kit and then learn how to use every item in it. The end result of either course of action is the same.

Knowing How To Use Medical Gear

When Rob says you should know how to use all the self-defense tools in your emergency medical kit, he doesn’t mean you should read the directions. He means you should practice using the gear and take an emergency medical training course if you have never used the gear.

This description is merely an introduction to all the great information Rob presents in this video. Be sure to watch all of it!

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