Grant Cunningham

Contextual Defensive Firearms Training Explained

Grant Cunningham
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Duration:   4  mins

From the English Pit Shooting Range in Washington state, PDN Contributor Grant Cunningham explains what he means when he tells students that training has to fit their context. Prior to training, Grant works with each student to assess their individual needs based on what their life is like. Often the “noise” from the gun media has to be filtered out to provide students with training that will actually be useful as opposed to what sounds cool but they will never need to do.

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One Response to “Contextual Defensive Firearms Training Explained”

  1. hgberman

    From the title, I expected the video to provide at least some guidance about what my training needs might be, given my situation. In that regard, the video was disappointing. The video took over 4 minutes to say different people have different training needs. Not very helpful.

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