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CrossBreed Appendix Carry Holster

Rob Pincus
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If you’re considering appendix inside-the-waistband carry of your defensive handgun, Rob Pincus highly recommends the CrossBreed Holsters Appendix Carry Holster. He explains why.


Everyday concealed carry of a defensive firearm needs to be comfortable or you won’t do it consistently. This holster has the comfort factor perfected.

Rob has been using the CrossBreed Appendix Carry Holster for years. It has a leather backing and Kydex front that is fitted specifically to the gun. It comes standard with a clip that goes over your belt, though you can put an Ulti Clip on the holster as well. It comes in brown or black, and Rob has found that the brown takes a little less time to break in.

The CrossBreed Appendix Carry Holster is very comfortable for everyday wear because the leather backing spreads out the pressure from the gun against the body. This is important especially when carrying in a sensitive area (appendix) and if you spend a lot of time seated. You want the weight of the gun spread out instead of just pushing in off the frame of the gun, as you might get from a tighter-fitting fully Kydex holster.


The combat cut of this holster means you don’t have to worry about any of that leather when you reach down to grip the firearm. When Rob sets up the holster, he puts the clip on just one layer of his belt, which is the most secure for the clip. Then he puts the other layer of the belt over it and cinches it. Using gun holsters, you want this kind of setup, one that is easy and comfortable to carry all day long.


Rob reviews his safe and efficient method for presentation of the holster from the appendix carry position. The CrossBreed Appendix Carry Holster is Rob’s personal choice for everyday concealed carry, and he encourages you to consider it too. It offers a great balance between comfort and utility due to its hybrid leather and Kydex construction.

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One Response to “CrossBreed Appendix Carry Holster”

  1. Blackhawk

    Why do they never show a person with a little bit of a belly when presenting a AIWB holster? Rob is as trim as a board but most people are not. I am only 172 lbs. but when I sit down the bottom of my belt is almost touching my leg making it very uncomfortable to wear any AIWB.

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