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Crossbreed Belts: Part 2 - SPONSORED

Rob Pincus
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What Crossbreed Holsters has done recently with its tactical belt series is added a nice low-profile belt option. The Executive belt buckle comes in both a gloss gunmetal and a matte gunmetal, and the belt is offered in either black or brown leather. The Executive belts allow you to be more stylish and versatile in terms of what clothing you wear. It will be less obvious that you are wearing a tactical belt.

Yet these Crossbreed Holsters belts still do the job of supporting a lot of gear.

Who Are They For?

Plainclothes police officers and detectives will appreciate the Executive belts, as well as anyone who carries a lot of gear while wearing a sports coat or a suit. For example, if you carry a gun while attending church on Sunday, or in a business environment, or on a dinner date, the Executive belts are ideal for looking less like a tactical belt.

Is a tactical belt self-defense gear? It is if you’re relying on it to support your firearm and holster so you can draw the firearm smoothly from the holster. The belt needs to have enough vertical stiffness so it does not bend or give when your firearm/holster and perhaps other gear such as a flashlight are attached to it.

Benefits for Concealed Carry

In addition to their low-profile looks, the Executive belts have another feature that will make concealed carry of a handgun easier, especially if you carry appendix inside-the-waistband or another position up front.

Other Crossbreed belts that look more overtly tactical maintain their double thickness all the way through the loop that goes around the buckle, but on the Executive belts, that has been reduced to half size. There’s a double layer in the body of the belt that is stitched together, and a single loop that comes around where the buckle is so you’ll get an even lower profile, especially when carrying appendix IWB. The less material you have around the buckle, the better, because it will push the buckle out less.

And one final important consideration: the Crossbreed Executive belts are comfortable to wear all day.

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