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CUFF Personal Security Device

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   6  mins

The CUFF Personal Security Device lets you know where your loved ones are, lets you contact them in an emergency, and lets you call for help when you need it.

How Does It Work?

The CUFF PSD is a communication device that communicates with those you put on a trusted contact list and lets them know you need their attention and maybe you need help. It works by transmitting your location, and also opening up all the audio capabilities, including the microphone, on your smartphone.

Imagine if you are kidnapped or on scene when an armed robbery or hostage situation is taking place. You can surreptitiously push in on the CUFF device for two to three seconds to activate it and it will send out a signal to everyone in your contact list. At the same time it opens the microphone on your smartphone, so your contacts can figure out that you need help and they can call 911.

Who Is It For?

While the CUFF PSD can be a lifesaver for anyone, think in particular of children and other family members who may not be as well prepared as you are to defend themselves. You might be the one being informed that your loved one is in trouble and you can call 911 on their behalf.

The CUFF PSD is smaller than a domino, lightweight and fits into a number of jewelry pieces, hence the entire line is called CUFF Smart Jewelry. Most of the jewelry is designed for women, but the PSD also fits into a keychain and a fitness tracker-type wristband.

The video includes a live demonstration of how the CUFF PSD works with its smartphone app. The CUFF is cutting-edge safety technology. Be sure to check out our many other self-defense gear videos here on PDN.

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4 Responses to “CUFF Personal Security Device”

  1. Matthew

    I'd like to see more of these types of reviews. New tech to keep track of wife, kids, vehicles, etc are great to see. More of this, please

  2. koop

    web site says:"Unfortunately Cuff is no longer in business and therefore will not be able to fulfill any outstanding orders or process any refunds. If you are currently a Cuff customer your product should continue to function, however there will no longer be any customer or technical support." So they are outta business.....

  3. rtucker77

    while I see this as a good thing the only problem I see is getting our loved ones to actually using it. I have found that no matter how good something is it only gets used for a little while and then ends up in the junk drawer, but I would like more info on this cause it might be easier to sneak into their daily routine.

  4. Lozie

    Thanks for that information.

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