Rob Pincus

DoubleTap Close Quarters Defense Pistol

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   9  mins

The DoubleTap pistol is a purpose-built close quarters defense pistol that has two barrels which are actuated by a single trigger. The defense pistol is available in either 9mm or .45ACP and will fire the barrels sequentially with separate trigger pulls. Barrels are available ported or standard and they are interchangeable on a single frame, regardless of caliber. Several holsters are currently manufactured specifically for the DoubleTap and the pistol can fit many generic holsters, such as a traditional belly band. The best way to carry spare ammunition for reloading is in speed strips or inside the grip. The grip area is specifically designed to hold two rounds loaded on a two round speed strip.

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4 Responses to “DoubleTap Close Quarters Defense Pistol”

  1. Michael

    Really? $500 for the base model of this pistol? With so many, many other really good hand guns to choose from, why would anyone drop $500 on something like this? Even if viewed as a "back up" weapon, there are so many other more viable, functional and accurate pistols to choose from that this weapon falls by the wayside in so many ways. This is just a derringer with larger grips. Another "niche" item for those who have money to burn.

  2. David Dear

    I have a non-ported .45 ACP barrel to carry, and a ported 9mm barrel to practice with. Get the soft rubber practice grip and a good pair of padded shooting gloves if you are going to the range, or you won't be using that hand for a while! I carry reduced recoil 165 grain Hydroshock ,45 ammunition, which isn't quite as punishing. I could carry the 9mm also, but trust the .45 more, at very close range. It is very easy to conceal and carry, about the same size and weight as a Ruger .380 LCP. Less rounds/more power- you have to choose for yourself depending on your situation.

  3. Art Frewin

    seems like more of an ad for double tap to me, i own derringers 9mm, 22 lr, 38 spec, 32 mag. while i regularly care nr 5 shot 22 lr it is an extremely last ditch effort on my part. have it with my spare mag in my pocket. would also have another sub compact if i thought i needed extra insurance. 2 shots are hard to shoot accurately and i consider them a contact distance weapon. triggers are hard very punishing to shoot, but if the shtf it is better then a sharp stick.

  4. Terry Mitchell

    Your review of the Double Tap pistol is well spoken and informative, but you should pay attention to the effect of background color in the video. The dark shirt you are wearing makes it nearly impossible for me to see the pistol, holsters, and speed clips because there is no contrast. When holding dark colored items in front of you, you need to be wearing a white or light colored shirt (and pants).

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