Todd Fossey

Draw Prevent

Todd Fossey
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Duration:   13  mins

In this extended video, Todd Fossey of Integrative Defense Strategies (IDS) teaches what he calls Draw Prevent — preventing an attacker from drawing a firearm from the holster. The lesson integrates hands-free skills with firearms skills.

In this video, the attacker is drawing from the right-hand side at about the 3 o’clock position, though the Draw Prevent demonstrated here would also work if the attacker is drawing from the appendix carry position.


This is a common armed-robbery scenario that happens at close distances, from three feet to six feet. The attacker may be brandishing a weapon or showing some kind of intent that he is going to draw a weapon. Self-defense training should include defense against this type of threat.

Two important questions for this lesson are: 1) How do we prevent the bad guy from drawing the gun out of the holster? and 2) What do we do if things go wrong and he does get the gun out of the holster?


Todd and IDS Senior Instructor Larry demonstrate different scenarios and focus on giving options for the good guy’s response. Any time you are under attack or possible attack, consider fleeing. But sometimes this is not a reasonable response, for example if there is a likelihood the bad guy will shoot you in the back. In that case, here is what Todd recommends:

  • 1. Verbally and nonverbally attempt to disengage the attacker, including giving commands such as, “Show me your hands.”
  • 2. If the bad guy does not comply with the commands and starts to move toward drawing the weapon, move in with both hands and arms to dominate his one hand, which is the primary threat.
  • 3. This Two-on-One Wrist Tie, as it is known in wrestling, puts downward pressure on the attacker’s hand to force the weapon to stay in the holster.
  • 4. If this downward pressure is not enough, use additional unarmed self-defense moves such as throwing a knee or use another two-on-one move, the Figure 4 position.

The keys are to maintain pressure and stay close to the attacker without gaps, leaks or spaces to make it difficult to impossible for him to get the weapon out of the holster.


Todd and Larry present much more information in this video — don’t miss any of it!

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