Rob Pincus

Empty Chamber Carry

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   3  mins

Rob Pincus discusses the concept of empty chamber carry and why it is important to carry your firearm responsibly when choosing to keep a round in the chamber. The trigger area should always be covered by a quality holster when a weapon is loaded for defensive use.

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20 Responses to “Empty Chamber Carry”

  1. Craig

    Bad things can happen if you try to chamber a round under adrenaline and extreme stress. Carry responsibly, carry one in the chamber...always!

  2. Gerald

    Carrying a gun for a private company means that I have to carry with an empty chamber. There are many times when I'm in a crowded situation and have to make an arrest and my gun can be exposed. I can't take the chance that somebody will take my gun and start shooting innocents, or me. That gives me a split second to react and try to get my firearm back.

  3. Larry

    Disagree. You are arrogant and rude. I don't believe I need to carry "hot". Still America here and still free.

  4. Just Sayin'

    Sick and tired of ALL the EXPERTS out there who think they should be the ones to declare "who should carry" or not, just because someone want carry C3!!!

  5. Don

    Whats the point if its not loaded , don't carry if your not trained and confident.

  6. RC

    I've been in law enforcement for the past 12+ years. I always carry C1 and my handgun's only safety is me. If the laws in your area don't allow you the freedom to carry as we can in Arizona, then you may not be able to carry C1; but if you can, you should. Someone said they'd go up against anyone w/ a blunt object vs. them w/ C3 carry. That's stupid. You don't know the when, where, who & how of the attack that is coming. Most attacks aren't that announced, they happen in moments and close at hand. The person with a knife in hand will win over the gun carry in C3 every time. This is what we (LE) train for, & the simple truth is people overestimate themselves when they have a gun. As to "would you let your 9 month old granddaughter crawl on your lap next to C1 holstered weapon?" YES!!!! She would be safe & I doubt she could wrestle it away. If the holster you have could let a baby or child remove it from your person, then it is not a good holster. My sidearm goes with me to church, movies, birthday parties, parks, banks, schools, etc, etc, etc. It is always C1 and it has NEVER fired itself. I am the safety. You should train, train, train; and be the safety. The only safe firearm is the one being used by a responsible owner.

  7. Guest

    I think it is very personal issue. If somebody is not in instant danger all the time then s/he has one more 1 second to put a round into chamber. So it is not so important to carry loaded or unloaded. In my opinion the real matter is training. By the way Rob wounded paper-man in the arm.

  8. TexasRed171

    This logic is how we got Obama in the White House. Don't be sheeple - being a "gun expert" who teaches tactical shooting everyday makes the guy no more an expert on C1 vs C3 than the pilot in the left seat of a B-737 is an expert on hijackings. The 2 subjects are NOT necessarily related. Think about it, don't just blindly follow. Secondly, it is reckless and nonsensical to suggest that anyone carrying C3 isn't rteady to carry a gun. What egotistical BS that is! Who is Rob Pincus to tell anyone what they can and can't do? Shall not be infringed, remember? Sheesh. Thirdly, I taught karate for many years. As such, I felt reasonably safe being in places where others may not be safe. Does that mean everyone is safe going where I go? Nope. Pincus trains everyday and has good habits - not so for the average joe carrying a gun everyday in his job in the bank. That advice Pincus gives is shallow and reckless and may just get him invited to a lawsuit someday. When you use poorly-worded terminology that suggests only a noob carries C3, guess what, you encourage people to carry C1 when they aren't ready. Bang. Everyone loses that scenario. Also, Pincus cannot possibly know all the myriad reasons that make C3 practical for some situations. Would you let your 9 month old grandaughter crawl all over your lap next to a holstered C1 1911? Do you think C1 is just as safe with a Glock as it is with a Sig Mk25? Of c ourse not, so let stop attempting the one-size-fits-all mentality. The scenarios Pincus presented are fantasy. I've seen many black belt instructors who couldn't teach squat because their techniques were too dependent on a series predetermined reactions by the bad guy. Stats say you'll go your entire life and never need to draw. If you do, stats further say you won't need to shoot. Stats also say if you defy all those odds, chances are better that you'll win tonight's $420 million Lotto jackpot than to have all those conditions met and to also have C1 save the day. You'd be better off worrying about a lightning strike. Lastly, Pinus lost credibilty with me the day he sidled up to internet lunatic James Yeager. P.S. I hereby issue the follow challenge: I will challenge anyone to a duel, me armed with a C3-carried G17 and you armed with a "blunt object" or stapler. No takers? Didn't think so, so lets stop making the gun community look stupid and stop making patently stupid comments.

  9. Kenneth D.

    Never understood how some people insist that a round always has to be in the chamber, and equally insist that a firearm should always be stored unloaded. The same people will lock their defense weapon up when they get home. Really? That is when you are most likely to need it if you are a civilian. Isn't an unchambered auto on your hip in the house far superior to any weapen that is locked up somewhere? Just asking . . .

  10. BRBruce

    I've never understood why people would want to carry a gun without one in the pipe. I've had people tell me they're not comfortable carrying a gun with a round chambered. I usually tell them to go buy a good hammer, it's cheaper. Go about it right or go home.

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