Rob Pincus

Extreme Beam XT8 Overview

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   3  mins

Rob Pincus gives an overview of this everyday carry flashlight known as Extreme Beam. The 210 lumen XT8 is the most versatile light in the ExtremeBeam product line. It can be set up with a variety of colors, straight or 90 degree, or with a remote pressure switch for mounting on a firearm. Like all Extremebeam flashlights, the XT8 is high quality and great value. This flashlight has a seven hour runtime.

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2 Responses to “Extreme Beam XT8 Overview”

  1. Steve

    Could you please send a price for the XT 8 and a list of stores in my area? I live in Terre Haute, In. 47802

  2. David

    Well, I went to your store and I dont see it available. Other than ebay, where can I purchase one?

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