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First Training Class

Deryck Poole
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Duration:   5  mins

Getting ready for your first handgun training class? PDN Contributor Deryck Poole of Echo 5 Training has some tips about what gear to bring to help you maximize your valuable training time.

When you sign up for a handgun training class, you’ll receive an email from the school or instructor with a list of gear to bring. If that list doesn’t include all of these items, bring them anyway if possible.


1. Run your gun before class. Get out on a range and fire your gun so you know you’re coming to class with a working gun.

2. Zero your red-dot optic in advance of the class. If the instructor has to zero your red dot during class, you’re taking time away from yourself, the other students, and the instructor.

3. Replace the batteries in this gear before class: red-dot sight, electronic ear protection, and flashlight. Bring some spare batteries too.

4. Start a training box and bring it to class. Contents:
– Bag of cleaning gear
– Bag of tools needed for working on your gun
– Loctite in case any screws on the gun become loose
– Spare screws
– Extra oil and lube
– Magazine loading assisting tool
– Extra magazines: If the instructor says bring three, bring more (Save time and energy by pre-loading the magazines before class)
– Spare batteries
– Backup holster

5. If you have a backup gun, bring it. Catastrophic failure of a gun is always possible, so if you have a secondary gun with you, you can continue training.


We get it, it’s your first training class, so you may not have a backup gun and holster yet. What tools and accessories does Deryck consider are musts for bringing to your first class (and all subsequent classes)? The cleaning kit, tools for working on the gun, extra magazines, and spare batteries.
Bring these and get ready to have a great time training!

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