Rob Pincus

FN Efficient Draw Stroke: Orientation

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   5  mins

Rob Pincus is on the range to demonstrate an efficient draw stroke — presenting the gun from the holster — particularly in terms of the proximity of the gun to the body and the orientation phase of pointing the gun at the target.

Rob is carrying outside the waistband for these gun shooting drills, but the same principles apply for appendix carry. When we realize we need to shoot, we want to be as efficient as possible coming from the holster and getting into our shooting position.

Keep the Gun Close to the Body

A common mistake Rob sees during handgun training courses is people pulling the gun away from their body during the draw stroke or pushing the gun forward before it’s pointing at the target. Although it may seem that you’re getting the gun closer to your end goal by pushing it forward as you’re turning, you are also working against the kind of draw stroke you want to have if you’re shooting from retention.

From a consistency standpoint, you want to keep the gun close to your body as you draw it from the holster and orient it toward the threat. At this point you can drive the gun straight out to the target very efficiently once it’s turned toward the target.

Drive the Gun Straight Out to the Target

If instead you push the gun out and start to sweep the gun up, it can become an upward motion instead of the more efficient outward motion that locks the shoulders and locks the body forward.

This process of staying close to the body, turning the gun, and then driving out seems like a cumbersome process at first, but it leads to more efficiency and consistency in the first shot presentation. Take the shot as soon as you reach extension.

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  1. Steven C Randleas

    Very Very good info and well presented. This information and demonstration alone will HELP anyone, from novice to accomplished.

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