Grant Cunningham

Getting Started Shooting a Revolver

Grant Cunningham
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Duration:   7  mins

PDN Contributor and revolver expert Grant Cunningham has some pointers for shooting a revolver efficiently as well as tips for shooters who are new to the double-action defensive revolver. The first two things to concentrate on are mastering the long, heavy double-action trigger pull and the reload. Close-up camera work helps illustrate the finer points of gripping and controlling the revolver.

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4 Responses to “Getting Started Shooting a Revolver”

  1. David

    Creating bad habit - eye protection is on your belt, not your eyes.

  2. Dean Larson

    you need to watch your thumbs.

  3. Tom

    I thought the same thing. The instruction was to wrap the thumbs with a revolver, but Rob had his left thumb fully extended when firing. So which is correct, or it just doesn't matter?

  4. Gene Hanneke

    Good video. Thanks. First round of firing your left thumb was near the front of the cylinder - Ahhhh! I thought you'd get burned. When did you reload for the second firing?

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