Barret Kendrick

Good Reps vs. Bad Reps During Training

Barret Kendrick
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Barret Kendrick, owner of Bearco Training, is on the range at the annual Combat Focus Shooting Conference to discuss the concepts of good reps and bad reps.

Bad Reps

Sometimes students and even instructors allow bad reps to take place. “Bad reps” means that when students are learning a new skill and how to apply that skill to get a certain hit, and a student misses four out of five shots. These are bad reps and this can’t be allowed to continue.

During firearms training courses, we are trying to hardwire our brain to be able to apply the skill without having to think about it. When we allow bad reps to happen, we’re building a habit, and it’s a bad habit. This is counterproductive. Every time we allow that to take place, we will need to dedicate that many more resources, that much more time, and that many more good reps to be able to hardwire the correct habit into our brain.

We want to make sure we’re putting the correct focus there. We want to make sure we are getting good reps.

Adding a New Skill

When a new skill is added to the mix, students often get into trouble while doing shooting drills. They’re getting good reps executing a skill, but then another skill is added in, for example shooting from an unorthodox position, and suddenly the students’ ability to get good hits falls away. Students and instructors alike have the responsibility to make sure they are focusing in on getting good, solid hits. This applies to fundamental skills and also when more complexity is added.

Good reps are the goal of every training and practice session!

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