Rob Pincus

Gun Protect Safe Environment Module: Long Term Firearm Storage

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   4  mins

Take a close look at the Gun Protect Safe Environment Module, a wafer created to help you protect your guns from corrosion while inside any storage container and ensure long term firearm storage. Each wafer can protect all guns within any enclosed 20 cubic foot (or smaller) area, and they are good for 12 months. The SEM Module emits a gas that forms an invisible protective layer on any metal surface and is a hassle-free solution for your stored firearms. Take advantage of the SEM Module and safely protect your firearms with this long term firearm storage.

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5 Responses to “Gun Protect Safe Environment Module: Long Term Firearm Storage”

  1. CR Williams

    Looks useful. More product advertising lately in these videos. An interesting trend. CR

  2. john

    Available online at

  3. Mark Shusterman

  4. Don Bigham

    Interested in the wafers to protect stored guns. What is the cost? How do I order? Don b

  5. Barbara

    where can I purchase the 'Gun Cloak', couldn't find a link to the purchase logo.

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