Rob Pincus

Holosun 507C Micro Red Dot System

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   3  mins

The Holosun 507C is a pistol red-dot sight. Rob Pincus is not a big advocate of having a red-dot sight on an everyday carry handgun or a professional’s duty gun. But he has experimented with them over the years and now sees more students bringing red-dot-equipped handguns to handgun training classes.

Pros and Cons of a Red Dot on a Handgun

Adding a red-dot sight increases the cost of the gun and the potential failure points of the gun, but there is no doubt that it gives you an advantage in higher-level marksmanship shooting situations.

When we think about handgun accessories that extend the practical range of the gun and being able to increase our ability to be highly precise, especially with a compact handgun, the red dot increases that capacity.

With red-dot sights becoming more affordable — and the Holosun 507C Micro Red Dot System is a perfect example of a very affordable red-dot sight that’s also very durable — it’s making more and more sense for people to put them on their handguns.

Range Testing

Rob wants to test how much his capability is really enhanced with the Holosun 507C Micro Red Dot System and how reliable this optic is when he is driving the gun out. In this range test, the targets are set up at distances where Rob would use the gun’s regular sights, so now he uses the red dot instead. Chest hits at this distance are doable with the gun’s sights, but the head shot is where the red-dot enhancement gives the shooter a real advantage. Rob tries the Holosun 507C equipped handgun on paper and steel targets at various distances.

Conclusions and Questions

The red-dot sight definitely enhances the shooter’s ability to be more precise at distance. The questions are, is it worth the investment and is it worth the learning curve to make sure that the shooter’s point of aim is now just above where it would be with the gun in our line of sight. This means getting used to suppressor-height sights and dealing with the potential failure of the optic.

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