Rob Pincus

How Fast You Shoot is a Matter of Confidence

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   3  mins

What determines the speed with which you shoot? During a presentation at the 144th NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits in Nashville in April 2015, Rob Pincus imagines audience members are thinking things like the size of the target or distance to the target. Rob asserts that the answer is your confidence in your ability under those circumstances. If you think it’s going to be an easy shot, you apply less skill and you shoot faster. If you perceive it as a difficult shot, you slow down and take your time.

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One Response to “How Fast You Shoot is a Matter of Confidence”

  1. Ken

    One result of panic shooting may be to suppress the attack. Even though the hit ratio may be much lower than qualification shooting, the effect of multiple shots may be to stop, deter, or slow the attack. In the military it isn’t too difficult to attain an expert rating with the M4, yet what is the actual hit ratio in actual in actual combat. If someone was shooting at me I would likely stop my attack, even though I was never hit by a bullet.

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