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Inside the POF-USA Revolution Rifle - SPONSORED

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   5  mins

The POF-USA Revolution is a .308 rifle that is 5.56 sized and has many parts that are interchangeable with 5.56 POF rifles. We take a look inside the Revolution to see what makes it different.

E2 Technology

The POF-USA Revolution rifle is a piston gun with a lot of interesting features, including several ambidextrous controls. Rob Pincus partially disassembles it to examine the upper receiver. The chamber uses POF’s E2 (E Squared) technology, which is technically a dual-extraction system. POF has cut four channels into the front edge of the chamber, which is why it looks like a square coming out of the chamber.

Those four channels are cut right where the round’s shoulder rests against the front of the chamber. They actually direct some gas — vent some gas back against the shoulder of the cartridge. Not only does this make the rifle more reliable in general because that gas keeps the front of the round from expanding into the chamber and having more friction there, but it also applies more pressure back into the shoulder, which eases and aids the traditional extraction.

This means that the extractor, a wear item on any AR, will have a longer life. It’s going to perform better because it has less work to do.

Roller Cam

Another unique feature of all POF rifles is the roller cam. It’s a patented design that actually has a roller built into the cam pin. It’s important to understand that if you shoot your ARs a lot, for example in rifle training, a lot of wear happens against the edges of the traditional cam pin, up against the inside of the upper receiver.

More friction is bad. More wear is bad. These things can cause reliability issues, which we don’t want in a defensive rifle. The patented POF roller cam causes less friction.

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