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ISOtunes Sport Tactical Hearing Protection

Rob Pincus
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The shooting ear-protection products from ISOtunes Sport are winning over long-time foamies fan Rob Pincus due to their effectiveness and multi-functionality. Rob takes a look at ISOtunes’ Advance Tactical model as well as their latest, the Caliber earbuds.


Although not an official sponsor of the PDN Training Tour 2022, ISOtunes Sport has provided shooting ear protection to Tour instructors for the past couple of years. Instructors gave great feedback on the ISOtunes Advance Tactical model, which has a cord that loops around the wearer’s head.

For more on the Advance Tactical and ISOtunes’ traditional ear muffs, the Defy and Defy Slim models, check out PDN Contributor Barret Kendrick’s video on ISOtunes Sport Tactical Hearing Protection.


Rob has a pair of the brand-new ISOtunes Sport Caliber model of shooting ear protection. Caliber is a set of compact, fully in-ear earbuds that have no cord or lanyard. They charge inside the included case and are Bluetooth enabled. A pair runs 13 hours on a single charge.

The Caliber earbuds are small, low profile, and can be used for things besides shooting ear protection due to the latest Bluetooth 5.2 technology. You can listen to music, a movie during a plane flight, and more.


But when it’s range time, either for a firearms training course or a practice session, ISOtunes’ Tactical Sound Control Technology enhances the wearer’s hearing by 8x while protecting from high-impact noises in under 2 milliseconds. Ideal for protecting hearing during gunfire while being able to hear the instructor’s directions.

Caliber earbuds come with multiple sizes and shapes of eartips. ISOtunes recommends the foam eartips for high-volume environments. The different size offerings are for different size eartips—the better the fit, the better the noise isolation.

Caliber earbuds are so new that Rob hasn’t done a lot of work with them on the range yet, but his full evaluation is coming soon.

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