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Learning Presentation From Appendix Carry Position

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   4  mins

A lot of people in our community are interested in switching from a traditional carry (at or behind the hip) to a centerline carry, popularly known as the appendix carry position. For a right-handed person, that puts the grip where the appendix is. For a left-handed person, the grip is on the other side of center, which is why it is called centerline carry.

Appendix Anxiety

Many people have anxiety over carrying in the appendix carry position because the firearm is covering parts of the body when it is carried inside the waistband. It also brings the muzzle area very close to areas of the body that will bleed out very quickly if you have a negligent discharge. This includes the femoral artery, and if you aren’t presenting properly, that can be a serious safety issue. If you are presenting properly, the appendix carry position is at least as safe as, or safer than, bringing the gun from behind your hip, during which most people will cross at least the outside of their leg or perhaps even their whole torso as they bring the gun around from the back.

Learning Presentation

Shooters wonder how they can learn to present the firearm from the appendix carry position safely while out on the range in the middle of a concealed carry training class. The answer is to think about how you originally learned to present the handgun. Most people do not start off deep cover, inside the waistband with a concealed subcompact gun. They start with an outside the waistband holster and a full-size gun. Master that and then apply those skills to inside the waistband and/or smaller guns.

Use the same method for learning appendix carry: start with a full-size gun in an outside the waistband holster. Practice presentation that way first.

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3 Responses to “Learning Presentation From Appendix Carry Position”

  1. William Hinton

    Have tried and very uncomfortable when in the car, getting in out, and generally sitting, bending, squatting.

  2. dturnbough

    What model holster are you using in this presentation? Would love to get the snap-on model for easier re-positioning. Thank you.

  3. Richard Toth

    Try sitting down, the grip crushes your stomach

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