Rob Pincus

Leather Kydex Combo Appendix Holster

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   3  mins

Rob Pincus discusses the reasons why leather kydex combo holsters are popular and excellent choices for carrying a gun for defensive purposes. Kydex offers huge advantages over leather when it comes to securing a gun and still making it easy to draw and use, but there is no argument that it is more comfortable to have leather up against your body all day.

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5 Responses to “Leather Kydex Combo Appendix Holster”

  1. Salvador S Perez

    the best !

  2. Brandon Bauer

    Great Video! Thanks for the great intel. I have an all leather holster and agree the draw can be tough sometimes. I also have a cqc and love the quick draw availability. Seriously considering getting the kydex combo for improved draw and holstering ease. But just a little worried bout how comfortable it is. Right now I can keep my G23 on me all day long, sit, drive, doesn't matter and it never becomes uncomfortable.

  3. David

    I've tried appendix carry and it works well as long as I'm walking or standing but is very uncomfortable while sitting and/or driving. I have been considering a kydex and leather combination holster since I carry IWB when carrying concealed. Now I know I'll have to try that option. Thanks for another informative video Rob.

  4. Brian

    Thanks for another great instructional video. Where did you purchase the holster you use in this video?

  5. Rick

    Rob: Thanks for all of these short tip videos--there great!

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