Rob Leatham

Springfield - Worlds Collide: Long Gun vs. Handgun Deviation Control

Rob Leatham
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Duration:   1  mins

Worlds Collide brings together the two often-conflicting perspectives of expert shooters Rob Pincus and Rob Leatham. PDN’s Rob Pincus is a renowned defensive shooting instructor, while Team Springfield’s Rob Leatham is a championship competition shooter.

Pistol vs Rifle

But in this episode of Worlds Collide, part of their ongoing pistol vs rifle discussion, both Robs are in agreement. One of the big advantages of a rifle over a handgun is precision. You can argue the power issue and magazine capacity, but for the average shooter, it’s the ease of hitting the target that gives the edge to the rifle.

Shots on Target

Both Robs are excellent shots and therefore perfect for demonstrating this. They take turns shooting a human-sized and shaped target five times in the torso and three times in the head using first a pistol and then a rifle.

We can hear and see how much faster they can fire shots with the rifle, because it’s much easier to shoot a rifle than a handgun.

This may provide a new perspective when viewing our extensive collection of handgun training and rifle training videos here on PDN.

Rob Leatham sums it up: in the pistol vs rifle debate, there is no question that the average shooter with a rifle or carbine is going to be better and more formidable than an expert with a pistol.

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One Response to “Springfield - Worlds Collide: Long Gun vs. Handgun Deviation Control”

  1. Tom

    Great discussion, but I am curious as to how you’re gonna conceal that in the city...or are you just gonna sling it over your shoulder wherever you go?

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