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Lucas Oil Gun Products

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Lucas Oil is known for its automotive products but also has an outdoor line that features products for firearms maintenance and lubrication, including Extreme Duty Gun Oil, CLP, and Bore Solvent & Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner. How did they perform in PDN’s testing?


Chuck Usina, Director of Range Operations at Ancient City Shooting Range in St. Augustine, Florida, is meticulous about firearm cleaning and maintenance and takes care of a lot of guns for customers who come in to his range for firearms training and practice. He talks about his experience with Lucas Oil gun products.

Chuck thinks it makes sense that Lucas Oil has gotten into oils for firearms because Lucas started with automotive products, and both firearms and vehicle motors operate in high-temperature environments. He had already used Lucas Oil gun products such as the Gun Oil and CLP and they worked really well. Recently Chuck tested the Bore Solvent & Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner.


Chuck cleaned two suppressors with this in his ultrasonic machine. He didn’t have to run any heat through it and it took ten minutes to clean the suppressors. He was really pleased with the results. Suppressors are a good test of a cleaner because they get extremely dirty.


Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil is a special blend of oil and petroleum-extracted additives producing a lubrication specially formulated for high volume, high heat and friction firearms. This product comes in a small applicator bottle but can be purchased in bulk or in larger sizes and the applicator bottle refilled. In fact it comes in sizes up to a 55-gallon drum.


These products have been used by instructors and students with good results and reviews on the 2019 PDN Training Tour.

Gun cleaning products are an important part of your defensive gear because keeping firearms cleaned and lubricated helps minimize the chances of a malfunction in a defensive situation.

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