Rob Pincus

Lucid Optics L7 RIfle Scope

Rob Pincus
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Rob Pincus is on the range with the 1-6x L7 Rifle Scope from Lucid Optics. Low-power variable-optic scopes are very popular now, and for different roles, including patrol rifle use, hunting (especially hog hunting), defense outdoors in the public space, and defense around a vehicle.

For home defense inside the home (or any building), a red-dot sight is a better option. But for outdoor use, the Lucid L7 still gives you a true 1-to-1 and a crisp, unique reticle.


The Lucid Optics L7 RIfle Scope comes with a quick-throw lever to 6x. The L7 has a second focal plane etched reticle, which means the reticle stays the same size in your field of view whether you are at 1x or 6x.

There is an 8 MOA spacing between the dashes when you’re dialed up to 6x. This is not keyed to any specific caliber, but on just about any AR platform, you’ll be able to quickly work up a chart or just remember where your holdovers are.

This is a full-featured target-capable scope. It’s not just a scope for close-quarters, hitting a body inside of your house.

The illumination has 11 settings. The lower settings are designed to work well with NODs. The reticle is blue, which is somewhat unusual for a low-power variable-optic scope or indeed any scope. The blue is a calming light wave for the human eye, as opposed to red. Blue is much easier for the human eye to see sharply, especially in low-light conditions.


Rob takes some shots at various distances to show the L7’s capabilities. Expand the capabilities of your defensive gear with the versatile L7 low-power variable-optic rifle scope from Lucid Optics. The L7 has an MSRP of $499.99.

Rob discusses more of the L7’s features, so as always, be sure to watch the video for the full details.

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