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Mission First Tactical Extreme Duty Window Mag

Rob Pincus
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Mission First Tactical Extreme Duty magazines just keep getting better. In this video, we take a look at their new Extreme Duty Window Mag. About a year ago, MFT came out with the heavy-duty version of their magazine, which proved its mettle on the PDN Training Tour.

And the newest version is even better because it has a viewable window that shows the condition of the magazine. Whether for rifle training and practice or for defensive or professional use, this is a valuable feature.


The Mission First Tactical Extreme Duty Window Mag starts off with all the advantages of earlier Extreme Duty magazines: It has a four-way anti-tilt self-lubricating follower. It has dual safeties on the flared base pad, which the user can disassemble without any tools. It has a ribbed bottom area for a secure grip and reliability. So it’s a great magazine to begin with.


Here’s how the window works. Not only can you look in to see if there’s ammunition in the magazine when it’s full, but you also get a high-visibility orange coil on the stainless steel USGI-type spring that lets you know exactly how many rounds are in the magazine at any given point.

The clear window has numbers on it to show how many rounds remain, but as you become familiar with the magazine, you’ll get used to understanding exactly what you’re seeing in the window. For example, when you put four rounds in, you can just barely see the high-visibility orange coil. So when you see the coil, you have five rounds left (counting the one in the chamber).


Magazines aren’t an option when shooting a rifle — they’re must-have defensive gear. Why not choose a high-quality option like Mission First Tactical Extreme Duty magazines?

Many professional and competitive shooters only use magazines that have a window so they will know the condition of the magazine at a glance. It’s a positive development that Mission First Tactical is now making this type of window magazine.

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