Rob Pincus

Motivation: Protect What You Love

Rob Pincus
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When it comes to establishing a defensive mindset and considering personal security, the thing you may be missing is motivation. Some people may be reluctant to establish in their own mind the idea that they are willing to use force to defend themselves. Some people are unaware of the idea that they even need to establish boundaries when it would be appropriate to defend themselves.

Protect What You Love

The idea of “protect what you love” tends to resonate, especially with people who are less inclined to be physically defense oriented. Protect what you love could simply mean your family, and that comes naturally to people, especially women. To a women, the idea of protecting her children may come to her mind long before the idea of protecting herself does.

Protect what you love could mean protecting your children, your mother, your spouse. Maybe it’s protecting your friends. It could mean brotherly love as well as parental love or romantic love. Any of these can be the type of love that inspires people to take protective action, assertive, aggressive action to keep those they love from harm — even violent action. Start by getting the self-defense training you need to protect them.

Thinking Beyond the Family

The idea of protect what you love should extend beyond your nearest and dearest. What motivates you? What keeps you wanting to protect yourself? Seek that motivation — for example, things you will never be able to do again if someone harms you. Your job, your hobbies, your contributions to your community, opportunities you are planning for in the future, such as walking your daughter down the aisle at her wedding.

The bottom line is, respect and value yourself enough to defend yourself from harm. Protect what you love is not only external — it means you too.

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2 Responses to “Motivation: Protect What You Love”

  1. Doug

    To me self defense is the most important thing. However, I think the firearms industry has it wrong. When I train in hand-to-hand martial arts or even baseball, the practice is every week. In the firearms industry no one seems to offer that. It's a session here and there and videos. If we're serious about anything, it should be an every week training culture in order to have true growth and stay honed.

  2. Core

    I feel as though it's sad that some folks might have the perspective that self preservation is unwarranted, but I love how Rob contextualizes some of the fundamental values of self worth as an individual. I have heard two schools of thought on the subject, stemming from spiritual perspectives, and I believe that a devine creator would undoubtedly and logically want each of us to protect and respect the millenia of hardships that our forefathers have persevered to pass on the legacy to us.

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