Mike Hughes

Next Level Training - 2017 Tour Sponsor

Mike Hughes
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Duration:   2  mins

Mike Hughes and his team at Next Level Training have sponsored the PDN Training Tour since the beginning. In fact they annually host the final class of the tour, in Maple Falls, Washington, at the opposite end of the country from where the tour starts in St Augustine, Florida. It’s great to have them with us again on the 2017 tour

SIRT Pistol

The SIRT (Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger) training pistol from Next Level Training is designed to take your non-live-fire training and practice, whether that’s traditional dry-fire or laser simulator practice, to another level. Mike Hughes engineered the trigger in the SIRT Pistol to be very customizable. You can set the overtravel, the takeup, the amount of pressure it takes to break the trigger, so that inside the SIRT Pistol, you’re simulating the exact gun you have. That way you get a better simulation of the exact trigger press you’re going to have with your carry, home-defense or duty gun.

New Models of SIRT

SIRT has come a long way since the beginning. They now have an AR pistol and several different models of handgun, not just one shape and grip style. You can also practice your weapon manipulation skills using the SIRT pistol. Weighted magazines drop free so you can practice your manipulation of the magazine release, and part of your reload.

Next Level Training

Mike Hughes takes firearms training very seriously. He has appeared in several of our handgun training videos here at PDN over the years, including videos showing how to use the SIRT Pistol to enhance your training.

SIRT Pistols are used during the PDN Training Tour for demonstrations and for laser simulators with some of the systems such as iMarksman or the other laser targets that work with simulators, video projectors or reactive targets.

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