Out-of-the-Holster Weapon Retention

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Duration: 13:24

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A bad guy will most commonly try to take your weapon when it’s in your hand, not when it’s in your holster, and when you are in close proximity to him. This holds true whether you are military, law enforcement, private security, or an armed citizen. In this extended video, Todd Fossey of Integrative Defense Strategies presents some options for weapon retention when your gun is not in the holster.


This scenario can have many variables, therefore understanding the principles of in-hand weapon retention is paramount, and this is why Todd believes in presenting more than one option. Depending on the situation you find yourself in, you may even need to make something up on the spot.


And the context here is that first, for whatever reason, you have had to remove your weapon from the holster and you’re holding it. Second, the attacker has gotten past your guards and is in a position to take the weapon from your hand. Todd calls this “training from the negative,” meaning that you’re already in the worst-case scenario. This video is not about pre-emptive weapon retention — that is a whole other handgun training topic.


Todd and IDS Senior Instructor Larry demonstrate and discuss three techniques in detail, repeatedly and in slow motion so you can clearly see all the movements. These combine armed and unarmed self-defense training skills. These out-of-holster weapon retention techniques are:

  1. 1. Grip and Rip
  2. 2. Crowbar
  3. 3. Chop and Pop

Todd also shows what to do once you have the weapon back under your control (firing the weapon at the attacker is not always the best choice), and variations of these techniques based on the circumstances.

Train these movements slowly and deliberately until you reach a point of unconscious competence, so you can perform them on demand if required.