Deryck Poole

Patriot Firearms Drill Deck

Deryck Poole
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Duration:   5  mins

PDN Contributor Deryck Poole is on the range with the Patriot Firearms School Drill Deck, a tool that will help you do your best handgun training and practice. The Drill Deck he’s using is made for the Balance of Speed and Precision Target that we often use in PDN videos. Other versions of the Drill Deck are available for different targets.


The Patriot Firearms School Drill Deck for the BoS&P target is a deck of cards with three elements on each card: a large gray square, rectangle or triangle; a small colored circle with a number in it; and a colored stripe. The shapes correspond to the target areas on the BoS&P target – the rectangle for the high center chest area, the triangle for the head, the A&B squares for those boxes, and the numbered and colored circles for those areas on the target.

Patriot Firearms’ instructions for the deck state that you should randomly pull a card and shoot two to five shots into the larger shape and one sighted shot into the small numbered circle. Repeat with the next card. You can do this best handgun training and practice during solo range sessions, or with an instructor during a class, or with a training partner.


The red, yellow, blue, or green stripe in the middle of the card is how you incorporate movement into these shooting drills. Set out four colored cones on the range, either parallel to the target or perpendicular to it … or randomly, it’s up to you. When you pull the card and see the color of the stripe, move to the cone of the same color. If the cones are parallel to the target, you’re practicing lateral movement. If perpendicular, you’re shooting at different distances each time you shoot.


But in this video, Deryck doesn’t do the drill that way. He’s created his own method for doing it, and Patriot Firearms encourages you to be creative and make up your own rules too. At only $15, the deck is a great practice tool for honing your cognitive reaction and shooting skills.

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