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National Shooting Sports Foundation's Plus One Movement

Rob Pincus
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The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Plus One Movement is all about growing the sport within the entire shooting community. It’s easy and rewarding to become involved.

Taking People Out to the Range

You can take someone to the range for the first time with the expectation that they’re going to develop their self-defense shooting ability and be more prepared to defend themselves and others. Or you might only want to get someone to appreciate going out and shooting because it’s fun, or maybe you want to get them into hunting or competitive shooting.

PDN’s Viewpoint

The reason doesn’t matter to the Plus One Movement, which is devoted to getting more people out and shooting. Here at the Personal Defense Network, we hope you not only make someone a shooter but that you make someone interested in learning how to be a responsibly armed American prepared to defend themselves and others in a worst-case scenario.

Probably most of you watching this video know how it goes — when you take someone who has never been shooting out to the range, they have a great time experiencing how much fun shooting is. Then you’ve done good for the industry and you’ve shared the sport and the experience with other people. Some may never have considered taking responsibility for their and their loved ones’ safety because they were intimidated by guns and shooting. After they’ve spent a few hours on the range, they may be ready to take some handgun training.

For Further Information

If you have never shared your love of shooting with anyone, this is what the Plus One Movement is all about. And if you have, the Plus One Movement is for you too — who else can you introduce to shooting?

If you have any hesitation about bringing a new person shooting, check out the Plus One Movement website linked above for helpful information about planning a safe trip to the range, five essentials for a first outing, and much more.

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