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Premier Body Armor Level IV Plate

Rob Pincus
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Premier Body Armor is known for their concealable and carryable body armor. Most people in the defensive training world know Premier for their backpack panel or t-shirt armor. But Premier also makes heavy-duty ceramic plates, and during PDN’s Fall 2021 Live Product Showcase, we tested their Level IV plate, which is half the cost and half the weight of older Level IV body armor plates.

During this test, Rob Pincus and PDN Contributor Aquil Bey weren’t playing … they fired a .30-06 armor-piercing round at the Premier Body Armor Stratis Level IV Enhanced Plate.


Aquil Bey is a former Special Forces soldier who now runs Tailored Defense Training Group. During his time in SF, he wore ceramic body armor plates operationally and can speak to the challenges experienced with them, challenges that the Premier Body Armor plates have overcome. The plates he wore weighed 8 to 10 pounds as opposed to the Stratis Level IV’s 4.4 pounds. Older plates were sensitive to temperature and body sweat – Aquil and fellow soldiers wore the plates inside garbage bags to keep sweat off them.

Older body armor plates also had durability issues and needed to be x-rayed upon returning from a mission to make sure they were not cracked. Even dropping them casually on the ground had the potential to crack them and ruin the integrity of the plate. Dropping on a corner of the plate could cause a hairline fracture diagonally across the plate and a shot could then go through. Rob also experienced this when teaching firearms training courses to elite units.


In short, Premier Body Armor has overcome this with their hard plates. They have created a tiled design so that if the plate is dropped on a corner, it only affects that small area, not the entire plate. What this means is that these Premier body armor plates are multi-strike capable.

The Stratis Level IV plate from Premier supposedly can stop a .30-06 AP round, so Rob fires one at it. What happens? It’s all in the video.

Does everyone need body armor plates as part of their defensive gear? No, but if you’re in law enforcement, that’s a different story. We encourage you to check out Premier’s hard plates.

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One Response to “Premier Body Armor Level IV Plate”

  1. Mark

    I am disappointed to have a guest I’m unfamiliar with on this video… No introduction whatsoever No interaction from him was even possible He wasnt offered an opportunity, and all you did was talk nonstop the whole time?? Why was he there? I wanted to hear from him too!

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