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Primary Arms SLx MicroPrism

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   4  mins

Many red-dot sights are on the market. The Primary Arms SLx MicroPrism, a non-magnified optic, has some features that make it stand out. Rob Pincus takes a closer look.


First, the Primary Arms SLx MicroPrism comes with just about everything you need for any configuration of defensive rifle use. Second, it has the Cyclops G2 ACSS reticle. What’s special about that reticle? It can be used as a bullet drop compensator for both 5.56mm and 7.62x39m. It can also be used for ranging. Rob explains two different ways it can be used for ranging.


This reticle has a chevron that is 4 MOA tall and 6.7 MOA wide. It makes a great aiming point if you’re used to a 4 or 6 MOA dot inside any other red-dot system, including the red dot that might be on your pistol.

There is also a large outer ring that you can use to put over the area you’re going to be shooting into, the high center chest, at close range – inside or around your home for home defense, around your vehicle, and in patrol officer circumstances. It’s a great quick point-of-aim reference.


The SLx MicroPrism has 2 to 7 inches of eye relief. It has 120 MOA of adjustment in terms of windage and elevation. It comes with enough risers, some straight and some cantilevered, for eight different positions, from just over 1 inch to over 2 inches above your mounting point. That can be very handy depending on your rifle’s configuration.

There are 13 illumination settings, three of which are usable for night vision, and the top ones are easy to see, especially the brightest one, in true bright daylight.


The Cyclops G2 ACSS reticle inside the Primary Arms SLx MicroPrism is a great combination that you should consider as part of your defensive gear or for armed professional use.

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