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Pump Action Shotguns

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Duration:   4  mins

Brad Schuppan of the NRA Whittington Center talks about the pump action shotgun, a common firearm to have in the home and a popular choice for home defense. Find out how to retrieve a shotgun quickly in a defensive situation. Brad also offers some tips for storing shotguns in the home.

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2 Responses to “Pump Action Shotguns”

  1. ericf

    QUESTION - As Matthew also asked, video plays for only 1:19, but the run time listed within the video thumbnail on the archives page supposedly shows it to be 4:10 - was it an upload issue? At 1:19, it ain't much help and leaves the viewer a nudge "SOL" would be great to be able to see the entire clip!

  2. matthewmcd

    Is there more to this video than 1:19???

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