Grant Cunningham

Reloading Ammo for Defensive Training

Grant Cunningham
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Duration:   2  mins

Considering ammunition prices recently, it can be challenging to afford training and the practice you need to maintain that training. PDN Contributor Grant Cunningham visits Hornady Manufacturing for a look at why reloading your own ammunition might make sense if you are a serious defensive shooter.

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One Response to “Reloading Ammo for Defensive Training”

  1. Doug

    Reloading ammo for defensive training makes a lot of sense. There are many benefits to loading your own ammo for this purpose. For me the greatest benefit I find loading my own defensive ammo is to assemble premium grade bullets for 1/3 the price of factory defensive ammo. This cuts the overall cost of training and allows me to train more liberally without having to restrict the volume of my shooting defensive type of ammo. Having a ready supply of ammo, I am less likely to stop a range session short because I didn't bring an adequate supply with me. It also allows me to experiment with various bullet designs and weights to see which ones cycle properly in my handguns. Another difference is most premium defensive ammo is sold 20-25 rounds per box. whereas in one loading session I may load 500-1000 rounds. This gives me a greater cache of ammo on hand for use even when store supplies dry up or prices escalate.

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