Scout Rifle as a Self or Home Defense Weapon

Duration: 6:19

Exactly what is a Scout Rifle and how can you employ it in a personal-defense situation? Rob Pincus presents the special features of the Scout Rifle as defined by Col. Jeff Cooper of Gunsite. He shows how these versatile features, such as the three-point sling and redundant sighting system, make it a useful weapon for hunting, survival, and a close-quarters home defense weapon.

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9 Responses to “Scout Rifle as a Self or Home Defense Weapon”
  1. Moose

    Reassuring that you promote the scout rifle, which is simplicity, power and reliability combined. No bells, whistles,toggles, etc. to mess with. Did I mention maneuverability? Thanks for this video . . . changed my mind on spending tight $$$ on an AR platform.


    I want to know more about Scout Rifle as a Self or Home Defense Weapon.
    Could I avail myself of a Firearm Catalog?
    Could you mail it to my Home Address?

    • CST

      Hi, Alexander. The “scout rifle” is a concept, not a specific product. Many companies offer rifles, scopes and mounts that you could use to build one.

  3. Marshall

    What kind of quick detach setup is that scope mount? Been looking for one to work with dovetailed front ring.

    • CST

      Hi, Marshall. No idea, that was a custom rifle built by a local gun shop in Nashville in the late 1990’s.

  4. Mike Fletcher

    Good video on the Scout Rifle.
    Only criticism is that the Ching sling on your rifle was improperly installed and you improperly demonstrated it’s use.
    The “stop” on the long strap should be to the rear of the short strap and your left arm should be placed in front on the short strap in use. The way you demonstrated offers none of the advantage of the Ching sling.
    Mike Fletcher

  5. John M. Buol Jr.

    Eric Ching’s sling design was an improvement on Carlos Widmann’s version of the old Bisley two point sling. Both allow the potential benefit of a looped sling as a shooting support while retaining the speed of a hasty wrap.

    The demonstration here completely ignores that potential benefit and is just a hasty that can be done with any simple two point carry strap.

    Todd Dow has a nice overview:

  6. Walter Vaillancourt

    The Springfield Armory Scout rifle is the answer. It has a detachable 20 round box magazine and is very accurate and meets all the criteria of your bolt gun.